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An alternative approach to traditional talk therapy that empowers YOU as the expert

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The 4 components that make working with Sarah unique

In your work you will:

For too long the stigma of starting therapy has been a barrier, a barrier that prevents folks from gaining access to a resource that every human deserves. And much to the contrary of this stigma, choosing to embark on a therapeutic journey is one of THE bravest and most loving acts of self-care that one can do. 

In our work you will break free from a limited and disempowering approach that places the healer outside of you. Like a superpower you’ll learn how to hone the information being fed to you in every given moment, physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually to empower and inform your innate expertise from within. 

Our minds play tricks on us all the time and those tricks or "stories" shape our reality, sometimes without us even knowing it. In our work you will learn how to recognize the script that has been written from the pain of the past and an attempt to control the unknown of the future with the language of worry, the “what if’s.” By practicing skills learned in Sarahpy, born from the evidenced-based practices of CBT and the ancient wisdom and philosophy of Yoga, you will learn how to practice the pause, put pen to paper, and write whatever damn story you would like! 

No longer dictated by your old story, you will wake up to your true self and to your life as you are and how it really is rather than how the old script told you it "should" or "could" be. In your consciousness you will learn, with compassion and understanding, why the old story seemed so real, for so long. With respect for what your old tale taught you, tapped into your own unique and powerful wisdom, YOU will turn the page and set the power of your most woke and conscious self free. 

During 1 on 1 work you will learn how to:

  • Stop “shoulding” on yourself
  • "Practice the pause" on your old life story
  • Understand your "core hurts" and the irrational and unhelpful beliefs that shape your reality
  • Establish new, more helpful, rational thoughts and how to turn them into new more beneficial beliefs
  • Learn to effectively communicate with others because it is essential for others to hear what you have to say
  • Set and uphold loving boundaries with understanding of "this is where I end and where the world begins"
  • Identify your morals and values and use them as guideposts to keep you on track when the tricks of your old life story try to throw you off course
  • Enhance your unique wisdom by learning how to tap into the "4 realms of experience"
  • Use skills in each of those 4 realms to get "unstuck" and release suffering
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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is suffering from self-doubt, worry, sadness, anxiety, fear, or pain. It will benefit anyone who is feeling stuck, limited, or overwhelmed by either an internal or external challenge.

It is for those who are looking to thrive, those who feel that there is something more, those who know that their fullest potential has yet to be achieved. It is for anyone who is ready to say “yes” to the possibility of now and “goodbye” to the limitation of the past.

1 on 1 sessions are virtual…if you have not tried it before, just wait, you might be surprised with how personal the connection feels. Virtual 1 on 1 sessions are effective. It is new for many but I have been doing it with clients for over 4 years now. Together we can develop the meaningful connection needed to help you achieve your therapeutic goals...right from the comfort of your own home.

In 1 on 1 work I use the following techniques honed over 18 years of passion and practice:

-Rational Thinking over “Stinkin Thinkin” or CBT
-Yoga (Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork, Movement)
-Mindful Eating Practices
-Exercise Routine
-Behavioral Modification
-Effective Communication Techniques
-Reiki Healing

Each 50 minute session is $200, a priceless investment in yourself. HSA cards are accepted and Illinois and Michigan residents may independently arrange for insurance reimbursement.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 18 years of experience working with individuals, families, groups, and corporations. I am also a Certified Yoga and Fitness Instructor.

I have had the honor of teaching and facilitating workshops for lululemon, Away, Lettuce Entertain You, Ronan Capital, and numerous public and private school systems. I am also a proud lululemon ambassador where I lead the brand's first ever community facing ©Values and Goals virtual workshop, a distinctive and humbling role. 

Finally, I have trained all over the world receiving an eclectic and unique compliment of therapeutic certifications that allow me to guide Meditation, Pranayama, Trauma Informed Yoga, and Reiki Healing at the Master's level. It is through this comprehensive and integrative experience that enlivens my work as a Holistic Psychotherapist. 

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The hardest part of a workout is putting your outfit on. Of all of my years teaching yoga and fitness I have never once heard someone say that they were sorry they came to class. The same is true for setting out on your therapeutic journey. Time and time again I hear stories of how it took months, even years for my clients to send that first email or text to get started. And once they began, often after just the first session, they could not imagine having never begun.


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